HealthBridge provides something your health plan alone can’t – financial security.

HealthBridge is a first-of-its-kind employee benefit that helps you and your covered family members manage and pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Here is how it works

When a member receives medical services covered by their health plan from a HealthBridge Network Provider, HealthBridge pays the provider for their portion (copays, deductibles, coinsurance).

Then, HealthBridge sends members a consolidated monthly statement, plus flexible options including:

  • A 10% discount at any time when you pay your statement in full
  • Up to 2 years to pay each new claim (Minimum payments apply)


Benefits of HealthBridge

Protect Employees Financially

We provide flexible, friendly payment options to employees, without applications or credit checks, reducing the need to dip into savings or turn to high-interest credit cards.

Reduce the Barrage of Bills

Instead of sending multiple bills, we send members a consolidated monthly statement. They can pay their balance over time, and even get a discount whenever it’s paid in full.

Improve Workforce Wellbeing

The majority of American employees say that financial stress impacts their physical and mental health. Since we alleviate that stress, HealthBridge is a surprising investment in overall wellbeing.


Or contact Stephan Currie from MACSC at 517-372-5374 or for more information on HealthBridge and all of MACSC’s sponsored program.

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