MAC is your voice in the Legislature. It has been very successful over the years lobbying on behalf of county commissioners on a variety of topics,and it continues to represent the voices of 622 commissioners from every corner of Michigan. In this era of legislative term limits, however, it is more difficult to form meaningful relationships with legislators before term limits turn them out.

The MAC Board of Directors for these reasons and in order to help more of MAC’s friends in the legislature in a more effective manner, has recognized the need for a strong, active political action committee the MACPAC.


MAC PACMACPAC is a political action committee, or PAC. PACs give money to candidates running for elective office. In MACPAC's case, it will only give money to incumbent state legislators who have a record of being a friend to counties.

By making a donation to MACPAC, you will become a member of MACPAC. As a member of MACPAC you will have the chance to shape Lansing policy and have a lot of fun doing it.

MACPAC members will have the opportunity to meet with legislators on important topics, and attend MACPAC events and fundraisers with other members from around the state. These functions, and other membership activities, will enable you to become well-versed in state and federal legislative issues. As a MACPAC member you will be a part of our strong grass-roots effort, and you can make the opportunity what you wish it to be. You will have access to information, experience, and MAC's knowledgeable staff; the perfect combination to help MAC become an even stronger voice on behalf of your county.

MACPAC is the best way for you to protect your county's best interest in the state legislature. MACPAC will support legislators who have a record of protecting local control, supporting full payment for mandated services, and reducing the burden the state has placed on counties. Your contribution will help increase MAC's visibility in the Legislature, growing the influence of our already strong organization.

MACPAC gives you the power to change the way the legislature does business with county government by linking you to the other 622 commissioners in the state, all speaking with one voice across every house and senate district. Your contribution strengthens and amplifies our county voice.



Joining MACPAC is easy! Simply write a check payable to MACPAC, and send it to MAC by snail mail or you can donate online. MACPAC has four donor levels, and membership can be renewed annually.

Platinum Membership
Donations of more than $500 annually earn a donor the top status with MACPAC: Platinum. This entitles the donor to: entry to a unique MACPAC event each year; a platinum MACPAC lapel pin; notifications on other MACPAC events; and recognition on MAC's website and in Michigan Counties, MAC's bimonthly electronic newsletter.

Gold Membership
Donations of more than $250 annually earn a donor Gold status with MACPAC. This entitles the donor to: a gold MACPAC lapel pin; notifications on MACPAC events; and recognition on MAC's website and in Michigan Counties, MAC's bimonthly electronic newsletter.

Silver Membership
Donations of more than $100 annually earn a donor Silver status with MACPAC. This entitles the donor to: notifications on MACPAC events; and recognition on MAC's website and in Michigan Counties, MAC's bimonthly electronic newsletter.

Any contribution to MACPAC is gratefully appreciated, and makes you an annual member. As such, you will receive notifications for MACPAC's general activities.

Legislative Team

steve cSteve Currie, Executive Director

Steve Currie became MAC's fourth executive director since 1968 on Jan. 1, 2017. Currie previously had served as MAC's deputy director since 2011. As deputy director, Currie led MAC’s daily operations, plus has spurred new initiatives such as CoPro+, a collaborative purchasing program for public entities. Currie also has led a new program where MAC is assisting Wayne County with modernizing its procurement efforts.

Prior to joining MAC, Currie was operations manager at Comfort Research in Grand Rapids. He graduated from Hope College with a degree in business administration and also has an MBA from Michigan State University.





Deena Bosworth 2-15

Deena Bosworth, Director of Governmental Affairs

Deena originally joined MAC in 2011 and became director in December 2013. Bosworth previously served as director of legislative relations for the Michigan Attorney General's Office, as assistant county administrator with the Charlotte County Board of Commissioners in Florida and as legislative director and senior policy adviser for the Michigan House Republican Caucus.

She has a BA in anthropology from Western Michigan University.

Issue Areas: Economic Development, Taxes and Finance, Land Use, Labor and Pensions, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Drain Code





Chris Jones April 2017 LEGISChris Jones, Governmental Affairs Associate

Chris joined MAC in April 2017, following an extensive career in the Michigan Legislature. Jones most recently served as a policy adviser in the House Republican Policy Office, focusing on local government and transportation. He also worked for several legislators between 1998 and 2014. He holds a bachelor's in public administration from Michigan State University.

Issue Areas: General Government, Transportation






Elizabeth Gorz November 2015

Elizabeth Gorz, Governmental Affairs Associate

Elizabeth joined MAC in October 2015, with more than five years of state government and lobbying experience. Gorz has worked at Capitol Affairs as an associate lobbyist and during her tenure as a legislative staffer, she worked for Senate Majority Leader Michael D. Bishop of Oakland County and served as director of constituent relations for Sen. Tory Rocca and as a legislative aide to Sen. John Moolenaar.

Gorz earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in international relations from the James Madison College. She obtained her law degree from Michigan State University College of Law in May 2015.

Issue Areas: Judiciary, Health and Human Services, Veterans



CaseyCasey Steffee, Governmental Affairs Analyst

Casey joined MAC in 2014 as Governmental Affairs Assistant. Prior to joining MAC, he provided legislative support and analysis as a research analyst with the Michigan House of Representatives. He has a BA in history from Michigan State University. Casey monitors the flow of legislation at the Capitol and assists the other team members with scheduling and legislative research.

Issue Areas: Environment, Waters of Michigan

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