Corporate Partnership

What is the MAC Corporate Partnership Program?

MAC believes in the power of partnerships. That is integral to our association and why we have developed this program.

The program is designed to foster a closer relationship between business and local government. This program provides an opportunity to join with public officials on topics such as transportation, public policy, criminal justice, municipal finance and more.

This partnership presents value to corporations that work with local government on policy issues, as well as those that have a focus on business development.

The program is designed for companies of all interests and sizes. We allow for different levels of participation to suit your company’s needs. A company can join the program on an annual basis at any of the three levels. (See a quick summary of benefits below.)

To learn more about how the program can assist your company, please give us a call – or contact one of our private sector partners.

For more information, please contact Stephan Currie, executive director, at 517-372-5374 or

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