Legislative Update 10-15-21

ARP Coalition announces MI Prosperity Roadmap

Executive Director Steve Currie participated in a press conference this morning unveiling the work and funding plan created by the Coalition for a Strong and Prosperous Michigan. This coalition is comprised of over 40 members including the Michigan Association of Counties. The proposal sent to legislative leaders and Governor Whitmer’s administration this week is a comprehensive approach to utilizing the State’s remaining $5.7 B in American Rescue Plan dollars by focusing on 5 key areas that will have a transformational impact on Michigan. These funding and match programs will support individuals, families, education, small business, infrastructure, and local governments.  
The five key areas are:

Infrastructure: Resilient and Sustainable Water Systems ($2.5B) and High-Speed Broadband Access ($500M)

• Water infrastructure across Michigan is in desperate need of repair and replacement. The American Rescue Plan provides an opportunity to repair and replace aging water infrastructure, resolve public health problems, reduce environmental contamination, and provide current and future generations with resilient and sustainable systems. This roadmap leverages American Rescue Plan funds to make capital improvements, replace lead service lines, improve planning at the local level, and address issues of sustainability and resiliency related to water. Key Investments: Capital Improvements, Lead Line Replacement, Drinking Water Assistance, PFAS Mitigation, Dam Repair and Retro Fit, Planning
• High-speed broadband should be accessible to homes and businesses across Michigan to enhance economic development, provide access to education and life-long learning opportunities, and support remote work demands. Utilizing the American Rescue Plan, Michigan can support the buildout of high-speed broadband and help modernize the way we work and learn. Key Investments: Connecting Michigan Communities Grant Program, Digital Literacy, Access to Devices, Mapping, and Planning 
Infrastructure: Resilient and Sustainable Water Systems ($2.5B) and High-Speed Broadband Access ($500M)
Fiscal Health: Smart Investments that Provide Stability for State and Local Government ($800M)
• Supporting the long-term fiscal health of the state and local governments of all sizes is key to stabilizing Michigan’s economic landscape. State economic policy sets the stage for business growth and personal wealth creation. Local government complements state policy by balancing and tailoring quality of life, infrastructure, and economic initiatives for a community’s specific needs. Utilizing the American Rescue Plan to enhance Michigan’s prosperity is strengthened by providing stability at the state and local level. Key Investments: Revenue Sharing, Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, Technical Assistance 
Thriving Communities: Attainable Housing and Community Development ($805M)
• Access to attainable housing and thriving communities have a significant impact on education, health, employment, economic, and equity outcomes, while providing greater opportunities for wealth creation. Michigan can utilize American Rescue Plan resources to address the state’s housing needs, invest in great places, and layer in wrap-around services to improve outcomes for all Michigan families. Key Investments: Housing and Community Development Fund, Building Trades Training, Placemaking, Non-Profit Assistance, Regional Resiliency 
Strong Economy: Economic Development, Business Assistance, Skilled Workforce, and Talent ($910M)
• Recovering from the pandemic will require more than just a return to normal. To propel Michigan’s future success, it is critical to learn from the experiences of the last year and a half and capitalize on the changing environment to make the state a model for recovery, innovation, and growth. The American Rescue Plan can help streamline Michigan’s recovery, better connect talent to the state’s growing job market, accelerate entrepreneurship, and increase community wealth. Key Investments: Office Conversion, Brownfield Redevelopment, Strategic and Large Site Development, Job Training and Direct Business Support Grants, EV Readiness 
Public Health and Safety: Healthy and Safe People, Families, and Communities ($500M)
• Strengthening Michigan’s health and safety infrastructure is critical to improving the quality of life for residents while protecting their ability to fully participate in their economy and community. Through the American Rescue Plan, the state can make targeted investments necessary to support a safer, healthier, and more stable population. Key Investments: Mental Health and Addiction Services in Rural and Underserved Areas, Facility Improvements, Cybersecurity, Restaurant Licensing.
For more detailed information, please see the detailed plan here and watch the recording of the press conference this morning.

County infirmary structure simplified under proposal

Michigan has two county infirmaries, Monroe and Midland, that have multiple layers of administrative oversight, of which is unnecessary and removed under Senate Bill 569. Senator Dale Zorn (R-Monroe) worked with Monroe County, home of Fairview- the Monroe County Home, to ensure a simplified organization structure in which the county board governs and provides administration for the facility.

Monroe County’s Administrator/Chief Financial Officer Michael Bosanac provided testimony in support of the legislation to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The full testimony can be found  here beginning at the 20 minute mark.

MAC supports Senate Bill 569. The committee voted out the bill unanimously this week and it now awaits action of the full Senate.

For further questions, please contact Meghann Keit-Corrion at keit@micounties.org.


National Alliance on Mental Illness hosting one-day virtual state conference

This year’s conference is for everyone! Specific focus on Law Enforcement Crisis Response Models, the Intersection of Faith and Mental Healthcare, the future of integrated healthcare in Michigan, Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) Behavioral Health Crisis – Training for First Responders, First Episode Psychosis (FEP), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), suicide prevention resources in our schools, and more!

For more information, please see here.


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